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(As seen in Yoga & Spa Magazine)
By Karen Gelb owner of Raindrop Colon Hydrotherapy

Studies show the average American carries an extra 3-15 pounds of weight, leftover from toxicity stuck in the colon. During the holiday season, Americans eat more inflammatory foods, experience the potential for more stress, and tend to be exposed to more viruses and germs. This creates joint pain, weight gain, bloating, heartburn and other uncomfortable symptoms.

Colonics, especially when combined with specific supplements and essential oils, hydrates the body and allows the release of toxins, which helps the movement of stuck emotions, cravings and habitual patterns in the body. This allows weight loss by flushing out the stagnant pounds of waste and reducing the gas and bloating that interferes with the body’s ability to release completely and efficiently. People who receive regular colonics report a flatter tummy, increased energy and clarity, easier digestion and glowing skin.

This is the time to have a clean slate, before the usual New Year Resolutions start and fizzle out, just like last year. New changes can begin at any time, and as this year comes to an end, it is a good time for evaluating priorities and a renewed self-commitment. Now is always the best time of year to commit to a healthy new you. Inner cleansing creates outer cleansing, a glowing new you to move into a new year.

Self-care sets the standard for how others treat you, and can feel like a radical step. Creating the time and space for health and wellness creates the time and space for new and wonderful things to occur. Pausing long enough to stop rushing, take stock about what’s important in life, and tend to personal needs, you might be surprised by how much more life you really have time