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As the season transitions into autumn, our bodies also transition into a time of preparation, a time for relaxing into shorter days and longer nights, a time for the body to match the rhythms of the earth. Historically, as the summer turns to fall and autumn to winter, it is also the time to cleanse and support the body through colon cleansing.

Colon irrigation, or commonly known as colon hydrotherapy, dates back to ancient Egypt, India and Greece who used it for therapeutic purposes. Throughout history, Ayurvedic and Chinese traditions have practiced cleansing of the colon to assist the body during transition during seasonal changes in daylight and temperature. Regular colonics in the fall and winter boost immunity, hydrate the skin, reduce internal inflammation and support organs of elimination and detoxification. As the seasons change, regular colonics support the proper balance of gut flora, which leads to greater immune function.  

The autumnal equinox is the time for reflection and rest, and now is the time to find balance.  Pay attention to any signs of toxic overload, including digestive complaints, joint problems, persistent allergies, frequent colds/flu, headache, fatigue, weight gain and brain fog.  

Raindrop Colon Hydrotherapy is proud to offer the top of the line colonic services for cleansing, as well as optional additives to further enhance digestion and detoxification.  As the holidays are celebrated with rich food and drink, we offer support to the body and mind through regular colonics.  You can choose to add coffee to your hydrotherapy session to detox the liver, along with probiotics to help establish a proper balance of gut flora.  Specific supplements and dietary recommendations are also available based on your individual needs and included in the unique symptom treatment plans given to all clients.  

Autumn is also a wonderful time to focus on mediation and honoring the needs of your mind and body.  Regular cleansing supports physical and emotional health, which leads to inner peace and balance. Space clearing is also beneficial to promote healthy emotions during this change, as well as clear germs related to colds and flu. Sage is available to “smudge” your space and diffusing of essential oils are also available for you to take home. We are here to support you through balance in body, mind and spirit.  Let us know if you have any questions or would like to make an appointment.