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What to Expect

During a Session

Each session will take approximately an hour in length, utilizing that time as best suited for each individual and their particular needs. Up to thirty minutes will be allotted of table time getting the actual procedure with the most state-of-the-art, FDA approved Hydro San Plus Clinical Model, followed by plenty of time to further release on the toilet. All new clients will receive a consultation prior to starting.

Treatment plans including Liver Detoxing, all in collaboration with Dr. TJ Williams of The Institute of Natural Health.
Raindrop Colon Hydrotherapy also provides the little touches that make the experience far more comfortable and relaxing than most. The therapy room is spacious, calming and private. Essential oils will be diffusing to appeal to your senses, while a mother earth pillow warms your neck or belly as you lie on a comfy massage table. A Biomat will be provided for you to rest on INCLUDED free of charge…and add even more health benefits. Familiar music plays in the background and overhead lights are dimmed to further relax the body. Butt wait! There’s more – you even get to relax in your own private bathroom on a heated toilet seat to finish it all off.

At the end of the session, a quality probiotic is offered instead of the typical lollypop. Essential oil blends and other healthy supplements are available for purchase to enhance the healing and detoxification process well beyond the session. Lastly, each client, after their session, can either purchase a personalized mason jar to fill with Alkalized water to take home, or bring their own refillable water bottles or gallon jugs. *Restrictions apply. Drinking plenty of alkalized water after each session, and all day every day, is so vital for cleansing and detoxing your system. You will get so more continuous cleansing for days to come! Butt, why is drinking Alkalized water so different than drinking plain filtered water? Read about the benefits of Alkalized water.

In addition, symptom specific treatment plans, recommending supplements, dietary suggestions, essential oils and things clients can do in between colonics, will be offered.  These specific symptom plans include Leaky Gut, constipation/bloating, skin issues, Adrenal Fatigue, stress/anxiety, allergies and others.

Treatment plans including Liver Detoxing, all in collaboration with Dr. TJ Williams of The Institute of Natural Health.