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We are always searching for new  ways of enhancing our outer beauty trying the latest skin-care serum or fad, but we fail to think about our inner beauty.   Where beautiful skin really comes from.  Believe it or not, I’m referring to our colons!  

Colon hydrotherapy, also known as colonics, is a safe and gentle way to wash away toxins and waste that are polluting our bodies, especially our skin. We live in a stressful and toxic environment, our bodies are constantly being bombarded with toxins.  If we are not eliminating regularly, these toxins that make up fecal matter, will start to seep through the colon walls and into the bloodstream.  From there, toxins go straight to the skin. Have you ever noticed noticed how lifeless your skin looks after a night out drinking and eating processed foods, or just after a bout of constipation? Ladies, it shows! Your skin is a reflection of  how healthy you really are. Colon health is linked to skin health.  When one of our elimination organs gets over-burdened, the other organs have to pick up the slack, and since your skin is your largest eliminative organ, it takes the hardest hit.

My clients who receive regular sessions have raved about how colonics have cleared up their acne, psoriasis, and eczema!  The difference is often evident after just one session!  Radiant, glowing skin!  I’ve seen over and over again, they leave with color in their cheeks, and a new found brightness in their eyes.  Not only that, but they couldn’t be more thrilled that their bellies have flattened out and the scale shows a drop in weight!

Colonics are gentle procedures, in which  you lay on a massage table in a private relaxing therapy room.  The latest state of the art FDA approved equipment gently circulates warm filtered water into your colon, carrying away waste through disposable tubing.  There is even a private bathroom right inside the room.   

Actresses and royalty have long been advocating colon hydrotherapy.  Princess Diana reportedly received 3 colonics on a weekly basis, freeing herself from anorexia, headaches, fatigue, allergies, depression and candida! By then the tabloids discovered her healthy slim figure was a result of her body’s “Royal Flush”. Cate Blanchett has often talks about skin care and the benefits of colonics describing colonics to be  “super hydrating”.